Well, now what?

Now What?


That brings me to today-ish. Well, more accurately the end of January. I got tired of loitering around a weight that I didn’t like very much. To be frank, I’m also kind of tired of being the fat person in every group of people I work with. It’s not like they point it out or bring it up to me, it’s purely me being self conscious. I know this. I know it’s ridiculous. I know it’s bad body image. I’m not going to change 30 years of programming overnight. ┬áRight now I’m just trying for less unhealthy, where I can do things I’ve even potentially been thinking about doing without mentally stopping myself and thinking, “Well, I could do that… if I was in better shape.”

What do I mean? At one point I had pinched a nerve in my left shoulder to the point it was making my whole arm numb. I ended up going to physical therapy for it to resolve the problem. Somehow the topic of snowboarding had come up and the physical therapist, who is also an avid snowboarder, said that I didn’t have the core strength to do it. It hurt to hear it at the time, nobody likes being told basically they’re unfit. But he’s right. I don’t. I sit at a desk all day at work, then I come home and sit at the desk all night editing audio or writing articles or playing video games. Then I go to bed. The muscles never get used, so of course they’re basically not there.

I have plenty of excuses why I didn’t do it. I have no free time. I have patellofemoral syndrome (aka runner’s knee, I know, the irony!) and it hurts to exercise. The gym is intimidating and expensive.

Yeah, I know. I can hear you thinking it. I am too. I decided to start with controlling my diet. Nerd Fitness sends out emails periodically, and one of them mentioned that the biggest thing you can do to start with to be healthier is to watch what you’re eating. OK. I can do that! I’ve done that a zillion times already! No problem!

I was doing better with my passive exercising, but some days I’d eat nothing while others I’d eat the entire cupboard if I had to. Friends of mine have been having amazing success with NutriSystem, but I wasn’t sure I could stick to their available menu items. There are a lot of them, but I know even the Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice things I tend to snag for lunch (I know, I’m a lazy bum!) tend to have things in them that I don’t like, or that don’t like me very much. My stomach and any color peppers? No. Bad. That lead me to decide one more time to try the calorie counting route.

I know I could use My Fitness Pal or Lose It! or any one of a bunch of applications out there to count calories and make sure I wasn’t going overboard or not eating a thing for thirty six hours. However, I re-signed up for Weight Watchers. I know it works, it’s worked many times for me, in fact. I don’t do the meetings, typically I only do online. They have communities and what have you, but I’ve only stuck my toe into that pond so to speak. Mostly, it’s a quick, easy resource for recipes for me and a system that I’m comfortable with.

I have been back on the bandwagon, so to speak, since the end of January. It’s helping, I think, but this latest incarnation stresses doing exercise a lot heavier than in the past. Or maybe I’m just hearing it this time.

They have a list of healthy routines to get into. A few I’d already been doing, so go me! I’ve started using the standing desk at work for 30 minutes at a time occasionally through the work week. There are a few more routines that they suggest that I know I should pick up, but baby steps, right?

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